Current Teaching

  • present2012

    62STM0 Strategic Marketing (Graduate)

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    The course focuses on strategic marketing process, marketing planning, realization and marketing audit. Analysis and control of marketing results, benefits, expenses, assessments efficiency of marketing functions and systems.

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  • present2014

    62MVP0 Research Methods for Management Students (Graduate)

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    The module is focused on mastering the basic pieces of knowledge related to specific research in the sphere of management and the formulation of research plans and projects. Furthermore, the module contains the necessity to research professional bibliography, critical evaluation of available sources, avoid plagiarism, acquiring primary data through questionnaires, draft administration and evaluation of questionnaire enquiry, getting acquainted with research strategies and methods, analysis of quantitative data, preparation and control of data, exploration data analysis, descriptive analysis, methods of statistical induction, qualitative data analysis, difference compared with quantitative data, deductive and inductive approach, recording and presenting the research results, the structure of a research report, the style of academic writing, one’s own presentation of the results.

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  • present2010

    61MND0 Managerial Skills (Undergraduate)

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    The main aim of the module is to practise particular skills. The student acquires the necessary theoretical essentials through studies of his own; the acquired pieces of knowledge are verified by frequent tests.

    Another goal is to stimulate the whole life development of the so-called soft skills, i.e. competences necessary for managing oneself as well as other people. The module leads students to master the essentials of the competences which are considered vital for the student’s managerial practice. The main approach is the principle that the skills how to manage other people are based on the skill to manage oneself well.

    At the end of the module students sit a practical exam where a student proves his acquired competences through solving a given problem and through defending the results of the solved problem in a discussion.

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  • present2009

    61OMM0 Online marketing and media (Undergraduate)

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague
    The course present the spheres of web marketing as an important and efficient complement in the frame of a firm’s marketing activities. Enable the students to acquire pieces of knowledge vital for the recognition of opportunities offered by the web for a firm’s marketing. Allows to acquire experience how to draft, manage and evaluate marketing campaigns on the Internet
    offer an overall survey on the current state of multimedia technologies and their relation to management. Also provides particular practical experience related to the creation of multimedia
    enhance creative work in teams.
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International Lecturing

Since 2015 – Erasmus Teacher Mobility Programme – School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania

2016 – Visiting Professor – SM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ph.D. Students Supervision

  • ongoing2017

    Martina Korecká

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    Country-of-origin effect

  • ongoing2016

    Matouš Haicl

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    Consumer Seduction in Marketing

  • ongoing2016

    Daria Gunina

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    Data-mining in mass media communications analysis

  • ongoing2016

    Klára Šimůnková

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    Fear as a phenomena in marketing

  • 20172014

    Michal Novák

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

    Thesis defended 2017

    Dynamic Models of Mass Media Planning: Structural Analysis of the Czech TV market

    Due to the digitization of broadcasting there has been a massive proliferation of television stations in the last decade. The thesis brings current knowledge about the structure of the television advertising market in the Czech Republic linked to the aspects of the mass-media planning. Research is methodologically based on the data mining of the data of continuous media monitoring provided by Nielsen Admosphere, a. s. The thesis answers eight research questions concerning the structure of the TV advertising market, the similarities of objects according to selected criteria and strategies of an advertising placement in time. The contribution to the theory of managerial communication planning is the creation of a custom IMPC index that allows modeling of pulse placement of advertising in time not only regarding a pulse length, but also regarding the length of a gap between them. An important aspect of this thesis is the new knowledge of accurate estimates based more on the frequencies of phenomena than on their probabilities. The knowledge gained in the analysis of large data sets can be used as a reliable basis for managerial decision-making in the field of planning of mass communication and as a basis for further research in this area.

    2014 – awarded by Prize of Josef Hlávka (Cena Josefa Hlávky) – the prize for the best students and graduates of Prague universities, Technical University of Brno and young scientists of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic

Theses Supervision & Awards

Since 2008 more than 110 supervised theses in Czech or English.

In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2016 supervised theses awarded by Dean’s (7×, Faculty of Management) or Rector’s (4×, University of Economics, Prague) Award; or Excellent Thesis Award by University of Economics (1×)

  • 20172010

    STMR Strategic Marketing (Graduate)

    SKODA AUTO University
    The aim of the course is to acquaint students with setting marketing objectives and formulating strategies. The students will learn the principles of marketing planning, identification of company market opportunities, target markets selection and they also will be able to solve the problems related to strategic and tactical issues of the marketing mix.

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