About me

Tomáš Kincl, Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Faculty of Management, Prague University of Economics and Business.

Curently interested in marketing strategy, online marketing and social media, marketing communications, customers satisfaction, sentiment analysis and cross-cultural differences.

I have been always grateful for the opportunity to work in academia. It is a great job to work with young people and to contribute to their intellectual growth, gain new perspectives, or find their place in life. Moreover, working in academia is not limited just to teaching, I have learned a lot from my students as well. Our relationship is mutually beneficial.
My main teaching and research interests are in the field of marketing. Therefore, I was always committed not only to presenting the knowledge, but also to bringing relevant practice and research experiences into the classroom.
I put a lot of effort into creating an active learning environment to increase the effectiveness of learning process.  I try to engage with my students and try to find the best ways to encourage all students in discussion and interaction on the issues my courses present.

Academic Positions


  • doc 2014

    Associate Professor of Management

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

  • Ph.D. 2009

    Ph.D. in Management

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague

  • Ing. 2002

    Master's Degree in Management

    Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague


  • 2021
    Most popular teacher at Faculty of Management Award
    best 2020 faculty teacher based on all students' survey
  • 2020
    Dean's Prize for Best Publication in Management (shared 2nd & 3rd place)
    SLÁMA, Jiří, STEJSKALOVÁ, Irena, KINCL, Tomáš, BYSTŘICKÝ, Václav, KVÍTEK, Tomáš, FIALOVÁ, Dana, ŠTYCH, Přemysl. Golf Courses in the Czech Republic: Analysis of the Development and Socioeconomic Characteristics. Land Use Policy. 2020, Vol. 99. 12 p. ISSN 0264-8377.
  • 2019
    Dean's Prize for Best Publication in Management (2nd place)
    KINCL, Tomáš, NOVÁK, Michal, PŘIBIL, Jiří. Improving Sentiment Analysis Performance on Morphologically Rich Languages: Language and Domain Independent Approach. Computer Speech & Language. 2019, Vol. 56, Iss. 4, pp. 36–51. ISSN 0885-2308
  • 2018
    Dean's Prize for Best Publication in Management (2nd place)
    KINCL, Tomáš, ŠTRACH, Pavel. Gender Differences in Online Customer Satisfaction: The Asymmetric and Nonlinear Effect. Services Marketing Quarterly. 2018, Vol. 39, Iss. 3, pp. 157–174. ISSN 1533-2969
  • 2016
    Dean's Prize for Best Publication in Management (3rd place)
    NOVÁK, Michal, KINCL, Tomáš, LUŠTICKÝ, Martin. Industry analysis of TV commercials: Do companies reflect audience profiles? Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, Vol. 17, Iss. 3, pp. 187–200. ISSN 1746-0166
  • 2012
    Rector's Prize for Prestigious Publication (Best Paper)
    KINCL, Tomáš, ŠTRACH, Pavel. Measuring website quality: asymmetric effect of user satisfaction. Behaviour & Information Technology, 2012, Vol. 31, Iss. 7, p. 647–657. ISSN 0144-929X
  • 2012
    Certificate of Merit for International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2012, The World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (WCECS 2012)
    KINCL, Tomáš, NOVÁK, Michal. Automated Attention Analysis: a Valuable Tool for Online Marketers? In: Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2012. Berkeley, 24.10.2012 – 26.10.2012. USA : Newswood Limited, International Association of Engineers, 2012, p. 386–391. 1. ISBN 978-988-19251-6-9
  • 2008
    Rector's Prize for Prestigious Publication (Ph.D. Students Category)
    KINCL, Tomáš, ŠTRACH, Pavel. Evidence of Asymmetric Effect in the Website Quality Measurement. In: IMETI 2008. Orlando, 29.06.2008 – 02.07.2008. Orlando : IIIS, 2008. 6 p. ISBN 978-1-934272-43-5

Other Cooperations


    Advertising Scheduling Patterns

    MEDIARESEARCH, a. s. is a research agency with a wide portfolio of products and services in the area of marketing and media research, analysis and data processing. A small team (together with Michal Novak) tries to analyze how companies plan their advertising campaigns to reach the targeted audience through mass-media.

  • MINDSHARE, s. r. o.

    Cross-cultural Differences Online

    MINDSHARE is a global research agency operating in almost 70 countries all over the world. Mindreader is Mindshare’s proprietary study looking into digital consumers from around the world and therefore provides a great dataset to analyze cultural differences between Digital Natives from different countries.

  • Teaching & Consulting

    Labour Office Requalification Courses, Long-life Learning Courses, Consulting at various companies and institutions

    Requalification Courses for the Labour Office ( Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic)

    Long-life learning courses for senior citizens

    Consulting at The Holidays in the Countryside (project by the Rural Tourism Assocciation), IBC Solar, s. r. o., Technika denního světla, s. r. o., town of Majdalena, …