AHMED Suhaib, GHAFFAR, Abdul, ZAHEER ZAIDI, Syed Shahid, ISLAM, Tahir, KHAN, Muhammad Mumtaz, ISLAM, Fazila, KINCL, Tomas & SHEIKH Altaf Ahmed
Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, Vol. 34, Iss. 2, pp. 207-230
Publication year: 2024

Factors developing brand loyalty through social media influencers (SMIs) are immensely important to academics and marketing practitioners since it is a remarkable driver of organizational success. This research investigates the impact of SMIs homophily in developing customer brand engagement (CBE) and its impact on BL. We collected valid data from 412 respondents using laptop brands in Pakistan and used structural equation modeling to analyze the data. The findings indicate that the SMIs homophily is crucial in establishing CBE and BL. The results further show that CBE’s emotional and cognitive dimensions significantly mediate the relationship between SMIs homophily and BL. However, the emotional CBE has a stronger mediating impact on BL. The study provides valuable insights for brand managers to hire SMIs who resemble their fans to grab their loyalty toward the brand. This study unfolds new avenues in social media marketing, consumer behavior, and branding literature by understanding the association between SMIs homophily, CBE, and BL.