LUŠTICKÝ, Martin, KINCL, Tomáš, MUSIL, Martin
Auspicia, 2011, Vol. 8, Iss. 1, p. 137–142. ISSN 1214-4967
Publication year: 2011

The systematic tourism promotion can be understood as a specific instrument of regional policy of Czech regions. At the present time almost all regions are disposing with the particular programme document focused on tourism development in a given region. Nevertheless, these documents are considerably different in the case of their form and content, which complicates the process of their evaluation and comparison. In order to review the documents it is necessary to set objectively the generally valid requirements on the quality of elaboration and derive from them the measurable quality marks. This is the content of the first stage of the research. Its main aim is to draft the complex procedure for evaluation of the overall quality of the tourism development programmes.